This area has been the largest boom sector of the promotional industry and with more and more people using smartphones and tablets there seems no end to the new products that claim to make our lives easier.

Two of our favourites are the 4000mAh powerbank, which is sleek and stylish, can be fully personalised but can also charge an iPhone fully within 1 hour.

The second is the smartwatch. These are plenty on the market, so your LSi sales advisor can help but one of the more impressive is the P330.421 activity tracker. This smartwatch can record your steps, calories, sleep as well as giving you call and message reminders.

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Pocket 2 Wireless Mouse Pocket 2 Wireless Mouse

Available from £14.50

VR Headset VR Headset

Available from £14.99

Mini Drone With Camera Mini Drone With Camera

Available from £42.99

Round Bluetooth Speaker Round Bluetooth Speaker

Available from £9.25

2 in 1 Smart Data Cable 2 in 1 Smart Data Cable

Available from £2.00

PB119 Powerbank 4000mah PB119 Powerbank 4000mah

Available from £8.15

Pokkit Duo USB Charger Pokkit Duo USB Charger

Available from £9.42

Buddy Ear Buds Buddy Ear Buds

Available from £5.24

Xoopar W Cable Xoopar W Cable

Available from £3.99

Capri Stylus Tip Ballpen Capri Stylus Tip Ballpen

Available from £0.73

Wireless Ring Earbuds Wireless Ring Earbuds

Available from £17.85

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