Digital Impression

Digital Impression
Print To Order

Welcome to the print to order range here at LSi, we are pleased to be able to offer you that little something different on your next marketing campaign.

We are able to print full colour onto any flat surface quickly and efficiently it can reproduce stunning graphic capabilities.

Our key features are:

  • UK Stock!
  • Express Turnaround!
  • Full Colour Printing!
  • Individually Named Personalisation Available!

If you don't see something that you're after the product capabilities are endless! Remember these are only stock items if you want something else, something a little different just contact one of our sales advisors on 01274 854996 or to discuss further.

Holly Note Book A6 Holly Note Book A6

Available from £1.71

Holly Note Book A5 Holly Note Book A5

Available from £2.64

A6 Easy Notebook A6 Easy Notebook

Available from £1.71

Soft Feel Notebook Soft Feel Notebook

Available from £1.52

Cuboid Metal Powerbank Cuboid Metal Powerbank

Available from £4.68

PB119 Powerbank 4000mah PB119 Powerbank 4000mah

Available from £8.15

PB119 Powerbank 8000mah PB119 Powerbank 8000mah

Available from £13.06

Sargas Earbuds Sargas Earbuds

Available from £3.29

iPhone 5 Case iPhone 5 Case

Available from £1.42

iPhone 5C Case iPhone 5C Case

Available from £1.42

iPhone 6 Case iPhone 6 Case

Available from £1.42

Mint Card Mint Card

Available from £0.54

Round Coaster Round Coaster

Available from £0.61

Square Coaster Square Coaster

Available from £0.61

Callaway Warbird Golf Ball Callaway Warbird Golf Ball

Available from £1.86

The Tapler Red/White Body The Tapler Red/White Body

Available from £6.60

The Highlighter Set The Highlighter Set

Available from £2.05

Helios Flower highlighter Helios Flower highlighter

Available from £0.83

Elegant Plastic Wall Clock Elegant Plastic Wall Clock

Available from £6.60

Selfie Stick Selfie Stick

Available from £8.79

Contour Ball Pen Contour Ball Pen

Available from £0.25

Curvy Pen Curvy Pen

Available from £0.33

Curvy Stylus ballpen Curvy Stylus ballpen

Available from £0.58

Credit Card Powerbank Credit Card Powerbank

Available from £6.24

Curvy Stylus & Highlighter Pen Curvy Stylus & Highlighter Pen

Available from £0.44

Coaster Coaster

Available from £0.61

Alfie Note Book A5 (White) Alfie Note Book A5 (White)

Available from £2.37

Alfie Note Book A6 (White) Alfie Note Book A6 (White)

Available from £0.99

A5 Box (White) A5 Box (White)

Available from £1.16

A6 Box (White) A6 Box (White)

Available from £1.05

Holly Edge Note Book A5 Holly Edge Note Book A5

Available from £3.19

Twist USB 4gb - Silver/Blue Twist USB 4gb - Silver/Blue

Available from £4.15

Twist USB 4gb - Black/Silver Twist USB 4gb - Black/Silver

Available from £4.15

Twist USB 4gb - Black/Red Twist USB 4gb - Black/Red

Available from £4.15

Wine Set Wine Set

Available from £8.75

Memokit Memokit

Price on application

Lumistar Lumistar

Price on application

Lumitree Lumitree

Price on application

Dome Bluetooth Speaker Dome Bluetooth Speaker

Available from £13.75

Mirror Compact Powerbank Mirror Compact Powerbank

Price on application

Large Powerbank box Large Powerbank box

Available from £1.93

Optica Wireless Mouse Optica Wireless Mouse

Price on application

Autograph Lipari Set Autograph Lipari Set

Price on application

A5 Book sleeve A5 Book sleeve

Available from £0.55

Slim Optical Mouse Slim Optical Mouse

Available from £8.49

Fidget Spinner Fidget Spinner

Available from £3.00

Traveller Bluetooth Keyboard Traveller Bluetooth Keyboard

Price on application

2 in 1 Smart Data Cable 2 in 1 Smart Data Cable

Available from £2.00

Midi Box - Bespoke Options Midi Box - Bespoke Options

Price on application

Executive Gift Box 3 bespoke Executive Gift Box 3 bespoke

Available from £3.30

Executive Gift Box 5 bespoke Executive Gift Box 5 bespoke

Available from £4.85

Midi exec box bespoke Midi exec box bespoke

Available from £1.98

Executive Gift Box 7 bespoke Executive Gift Box 7 bespoke

Available from £3.30

Shirt Style Powerbank Shirt Style Powerbank

Available from £9.69

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