Happy 10th Anniversary to Becci


In June 2017 Becci Cheryl Mason celebrated 10 years at LSi. Becci has worked in sales support alongside our sales director Chris Dickinson since she joined the company in 2007. The pair have built up a strong team working relationship and are great friends.

In her home life Becci has been married to husband Ady since March 2011. They have a 5 year old daughter Poppy who was born on the 1st April 2012. At the 20 week scan, Becci and her husband discovered the gender of their baby, this was the 11th November (Remembrance Day) which is why their little girl is called Poppy.

Becci is friends with everyone at LSi and liked by all of our suppliers and customers. Sales support are an integral part to sales advisor roles and her daily efforts are greatly appreciated by all.

***(Hilarious)*** Little known fact about Becci:

She actually believed Nelson Mandela was the first man on the moon!

As a thank you for her commitment to LSi Becci was rewarded a bouquet of flowers and a spa day to Devonshire Arms which she enjoyed last week with her husband. Once again we would like to thank Becci for her loyalty to the company for the last 10 years and look forward to many more.

Becci Mason Becci in 2007 Becci in 2017

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