The LSi Treasure Hunt


Each year your 'Promotional Heroes' take some time out from 'saving that day' to participate in superhero training and a team-building exercise. This is usually an annual rounders match, but as last year we had several injuries, this year it was decided that we would do something a little bit different.

So, on the 17th July, six teams where created and taken to Leeds to take part in an app-based treasure hunt that had the teams heading to different locations, completing tasks and purchasing unique items.

Team A Team A
Team B Team B
Team C Team C
Team D Team D
Team E Team E
Team F Team F

The morning started with buttys to ensure that everyone was fuelled up for the day ahead, and a prank on Louis, where the whole LSi team had manage to convince him to come into work in fancy dress! It was then time for the team to proceed about their everyday tasks until lunch. But, as soon as the clock struck 12 is was time to set off and for the trash talk to begin.

Once in Leeds, the team captains logged into the treasure hunt app which showed them different locations they had to get to in Leeds to unlock tasks that needed to be completed to win points. There was also a list of LSi photo challenges that had to be completed so that teams could win extra points

The tasks on the app included playing air guitar, photobombing random people, creating an optical illusion, performing a magic trick, creating a home-made crown and purchasing multi-coloured drinks. Whereas the LSi tasks wanted groups to take a picture with a bare bum, get dressed in fancy dress, drink a fancy cocktail, purchase a flat cap and an item with all the LSi colours in it.

The game finished at 3 pm and teams were to meet at Roxy’s Ballroom on the dot or suffer some serious point reductions. Although the app added up each team’s game points it was still all to play for with the extra LSi tasks that were to be judged after a few drinks and pizzas.

The winning team - Pagan (captain), Beth, Helen, Bhav, Lee and Cheryl

In the end, even after a 75-point deduction for cheating, team F won the LSi Treasure Hunt and took home the prize of £100 each.

The day was a huge success with the whole of LSi getting involved and enjoying the experience and most importantly - no injuries being obtained!

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