Copper Vacuum Insulated Bottles


Since Blue Planet 2 was aired on TV and David Attenborough educated the world on the devastating effects that plastics are having on our oceans, the UK has sprung into action. We now have to pay for our plastic bags, paper straws are available in most bars and restaurants, and reusable cups and bottles are becoming more popular.

The rise of the anti-plastics is what makes re-usable bottles the perfect piece of merchandise to promote your business to your customers. Not only does it show your commitment to helping reduce plastic use, but these products are also likely to be used by customers on a daily basis. So, don't just choose any bottle, choose the best, choose a copper insulated bottle.

These stylish bottles can hold up to 500ml and are fitted with a copper plated inner wall that allows them to keep hot drinks warm for 12 hours and cold ones cool for 48 hours. Meaning whether your customer desires a steaming hot coffee in winter or ice-cold water in summer, these bottles are perfect.

With a number of colours and designs to choose from, including a wood effect bottle and a marble design, you can add your logo or message onto a bottle that will best suit your company.

Why not display your promotional bottles in one of our executive boxes on its own or with a cup? Their high-quality finish allows you to place your merchandise in front of your customer in a way which is memorable and looks professional.

Call one of our promotional heroes today on 01274 854996 and make an impact with our range of copper insulated bottles!

Copper Bottles

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