What does the new £1 coin mean for your trolley tokens?


As you might have heard, in 2017 the humble pound coin will be phased out, to be replaced by a snazzy new 12–sided counterfeit–proof design. The £1 coin is one of the oldest coins still in our pockets, so it's time for a refresh – possibly somewhat overdue, as the Royal Mint estimates that there are more than 30 million fake pound coins in circulation.

The new pound coin will be introduced into circulation on March 28, and eventually it will mean that some of that loose change in your wallet will be rendered useless! Between March and October the two coins will be 'co–circulated' — so businesses will have to accept both the new, 12–sided coin and the old one before the round pound is completely phased out.

But what about your trolley tokens? Don't worry — companies have been given plenty of warning to adapt their trolleys, so your weekly shop won't end in frustration. You can use old £1 coins, the new coin and trolley tokens in either shape at major supermarkets, including Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys, Aldi and Lidl — but you might as well start getting used to the snazzy new 12–sided coin.

Why not get ahead of the switch? Order your new trolley tokens today and let your customers know about the change. You can save them the hurried fumble through wallets and pockets to find a pound coin, and make sure your customers see your brand on their keys every time they shop!

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