LSi Product of the Month - Gift Boxes


When it comes to sourcing new and existing merchandise that will make a lasting impression in your customer's minds, no one does it better than LSi. Our promotional heroes can often be seen flying around the UK and other parts of the world, all to make sure that you receive the best the industry has to offer.

Then once they have returned to headquarters, their favourite from the bunch or a popular existing product is chosen and this becomes our 'Product of the Month'. For November, our heroes have chosen not one product, but a collection - our Gift Boxes.

Put yourself in your customer shoes, they probably receive a large amount of merchandise a year and most of it will be delivered within an unimpressive envelope or cardboard box. Now imagine that one company, your company, displays their merchandise in a Gift Box which features bespoke cut foam that holds your products perfectly in place? Which company is going to be more memorable and most likely to receive their business?

Designing your gift boxes couldn't be easier, thanks to our specialised team! Firstly, you need to decide what merchandise you want to display in your box. This could be anything from our vast range of promotional merchandise, to bottles that we can personalise with labels, or we can even samples of you own products.

Then once we have received the artwork for your merchandise and box lid, we will get to work cutting the foam within your box to perfectly house your merchandise. Creating the perfect gift that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Being part of our digital impressions range, our boxes are UK stock, provided with full-colour printing, have an express turnaround and can be personalised with names individually.

You won't find this unique service anywhere else, so what are you waiting for?

To start creating your personalised gift box, all you have to do is give one of our Sales Advisers a call on 01274 854996!

Gift Boxes
Gift ox 1
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Gift Box 3

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