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Summer is long gone. The dark nights have arrived, the temperature has dropped, and the rain has started! But although you may miss the joy that summer brings, autumn has its own perks. One of them being that there is a promotional item that is built for this weather and is practical and useful – an umbrella.

Did you know that in Britain it rains on average 156.2 days of the year? That's more than half the time, meaning an umbrella is the perfect tool to get your brand recognised. In fact, umbrellas will generate over 1,100 impressions in their lifetime which is more than calendars, USB's and powerbanks!

Another reason to make them part of your promotional marketing campaign is that they are kept on average for 14 months, meaning this is a reusable product that allows your message to be seen all year round.

Here at LSi, we also know that the quality of an umbrella is the number one reason why they are kept, which is why we only provide umbrellas that are high quality! But this doesn't mean that you are limited to one design, we have a huge range to choose from.

So, whether you are looking for traditional umbrellas, golf umbrellas, storm-proof umbrellas or mini umbrellas call one of our sales advisors today on 01274 854996 to find out more about our great range.

* all facts are sourced from Global Ad Impressions Study 2019

Why you should choose promotional umbrellas

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