Uni Ball Pen


When a pen is promoting your business, you don’t want any old pen, you want a reliable pen. A pen that performs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whatever the occasion, a pen that reflects the ethos of your company! Which is why you need to choose a uni-ball pen!

Uniball Air

The revolutionary nib of the Air is pressure sensitive, meaning that it gives a writing experience and adjustable line width similar to that of a fountain pen. It also makes for less friction when writing at an angle compared with other rollerballs.

Uniball Powertank

The Power Tank Ballpoint Pen by uni-ball is the perfect pen for extreme or challenging conditions. It features a pressurised barrel that will deliver ink when writing at any angle, on wet paper, in freezing conditions and even in zero gravity.

Uniball Grip

The Uni Ball Grip by uni-ball is a smooth flowing quality gel ink pen. The comfortable rubber grip makes for a pleasurable writing experience, particularly when using it for extended periods.

Uniball Gelstick

Signo gel ink pens are perfect for writing and colouring whether at home, at school or the office. The range includes sparkling and metallic colours, erasable pens and gelsticks.

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